Volume 2,Issue 3,2012 Table of Contents

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Special Contribution

Progress of Liquid Chromatography-post-column Electrochemical Derivatization and Optical Detection
  WU Shuchao,ZHANG Jiajie,ZHOU Danchun,ZHENG Cunjiang and ZHU Yan
  2012,2(3):1-7 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.80 M)]

Review & Comment

Progress of Technology Development for Detecting Anions in Mining and Metallurgy Industry
  LIU Wei,YU Li,TANG Shufang and GONG Zhichao
  2012,2(3):8-11 [Abstract]  [View PDF(619.19 K)]

Resources & Environment

Determination of Inorganic Anions in Simple Matrix Samples by Fast Ion Chromatography Column
  CAO Shenglin,YE Mingli and ZHU Yan
  2012,2(3):12-14 [Abstract]  [View PDF(653.67 K)]
Determination of Nitrate and Phosphate in South Sea by Reagent Free Ion Chromatography and a Preliminary Study of Its Geochemical Significance
  YIN Yuefen,YI Yu,ZHENG Li,GAO Guorui and CHEN Xianyao
  2012,2(3):15-17 [Abstract]  [View PDF(654.10 K)]
Determination of Cations in River Water by Suppressed Conductivity Detection by YS-50 Cation Chromatographic Column
  YIN Xuemei,ZENG Minjie,WANG Wenjia1,MA Hao and SHI Chaoou
  2012,2(3):18-21 [Abstract]  [View PDF(675.66 K)]
Determination of Inorganic Anions in the Soil from Dongxiafeng Ancient Ruins by Ion Chromatography
  ZHAO Chunyan
  2012,2(3):22-23,34 [Abstract]  [View PDF(347.21 K)]
Determination of Anions, Cations and Heavy Metals in Ambient Air by Ion Chromatography-voltammetry
  SUN Huan,SUN Zhengdong,TAO Ling and LI Tao
  2012,2(3):24-27 [Abstract]  [View PDF(896.79 K)]

Chemicals and Materials

Determination of Trace Anions in High-purity Hydrofluoric Acid by Capillary Ion Chromatography with Column-switching Technique
  XIE Peijin,SUN Jianying,WANG Liemin,YE Mingli and ZHU Yan
  2012,2(3):28-30 [Abstract]  [View PDF(736.73 K)]
Development of Ultrasound-assisted Matrix Solid-phase Dispersive Liquid Extraction Method for Determination of Nine Intermediates in Hair Dyes by Ion Chromatography
  ZHONG Zhixiong,LUO Zhibin and ZHU Binghui
  2012,2(3):31-34 [Abstract]  [View PDF(700.98 K)]
Simultaneous Determination of Trifluoroacetate, Tetrafluoroborate and Trifluoromethanesulfonate Anions in Ionic Liquid by Ion Chromatography
  LI Dan,ZHANG Xin and YU Hong
  2012,2(3):35-37 [Abstract]  [View PDF(518.41 K)]
Application of Home-made Chromatographic Stationary Phase for Ion Chromatographic Analysis of Phosphorus-containing Anions
  YANG Yuling,HUANG Zhongping,ZHU Yan and lIN Shuxia
  2012,2(3):38-39,49 [Abstract]  [View PDF(422.41 K)]
Determination of Four Inorganic Anions in Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate as Feed Additive by Ion Chromatography
  WANG Shanshan,ZHANG Jinmei and SUN Jian
  2012,2(3):40-42 [Abstract]  [View PDF(725.69 K)]
Simultaneous Determination of Ammonium, Tetraethylammonium and Triethylmethylammonium by Ion Chromatography with Non-Suppressed Conductivity Detection
  YANG Lanling,ZHANG Xizhi and TIAN Haifeng
  2012,2(3):43-46 [Abstract]  [View PDF(876.83 K)]
Simultaneous Determination of Four Kinds of Alkanolamines in Desulfurization Solution by Ion Chromatography
  LIU Yuxiu,ZHU Yan,CHEN Zhidong,ZHOU Xu and CHEN Meilan
  2012,2(3):47-49 [Abstract]  [View PDF(502.02 K)]
Synchronous Detection of Inorganic Anions and Cations in DOPO by Dual Channel Ion Chromatography
  Du Xiaolei,WangCunjin,HOU Qianhui and YU Jijin
  2012,2(3):50-51,54 [Abstract]  [View PDF(488.55 K)]
Determination of Halogen in Connection Cable of Electronic Product by Oxygen Bomb Combustion-ion Chromatography
  CHENG Peng,YOSHIMI Hashimoto and DU Zengkai
  2012,2(3):52-54 [Abstract]  [View PDF(683.01 K)]
Preparation of Surface-grafted Stationary Phases for Ion Chromatography
  HUANG Zhongping,YANG Yuling,GUO Weiqiang and ZHU Yan
  2012,2(3):55-57 [Abstract]  [View PDF(506.92 K)]
Determination of Three Kinds of Organic Acid Anion in PLA Degradation Product by Ion Chromatography
  ZHUANG Changqing,YUE Hong and XIE Liping
  2012,2(3):58-59,86 [Abstract]  [View PDF(843.54 K)]

Food and Medicine

Determination of Thiocyanate Contaminant in Different Types of Dairy Products by Ion Chromatography with Conductivity Detection and Sample Pretreatment
  ZHANG Shuifeng,CHEN Xiaozhen,ZHANG Donglei,LI Hongyan and CHEN Wanqin
  2012,2(3):60-63 [Abstract]  [View PDF(554.49 K)]
Determination of Chloride Ions in Ethylamine Type Substances by Ion Chromatography
  CHEN Yu,ZHONG Naifei,ZENG Xueling,YE Mingli and ZHU Yan
  2012,2(3):64-65,72 [Abstract]  [View PDF(678.21 K)]
Simultaneous Determination of Organic Acids and Nucleotides in Extracellular Media by Ion Chromatography
  FA Yun,YANG Haiyan and ZHU Xinshu
  2012,2(3):66-68 [Abstract]  [View PDF(839.60 K)]
Determination of Several Kinds of Phosphates in Scallop by Ion Chromatography
  WANG Fei,CAO Yanzhong,ZHANG Jing and LIU Fang
  2012,2(3):69-72 [Abstract]  [View PDF(573.09 K)]
Ion Chromatography Determination of Contents of Captopril and Hydrochlorothiazide in Compound Captopril Tablets
  LV Weidei,ZHOU Dan and ZHU Yan
  2012,2(3):73-75 [Abstract]  [View PDF(827.95 K)]
Determination of Chlormequat Chlorideand Mepiquat Chloride in Wheat by Ion Chromatography
  ZHANG Jinmei,WANG Jinghua,WANG Shanshan and TIAN Haifeng
  2012,2(3):76-79 [Abstract]  [View PDF(578.07 K)]
Determination of Cetrimide by Cation Chromatography
  LIAO Shuwei and LIAO Xuhong
  2012,2(3):80-81 [Abstract]  [View PDF(621.97 K)]


Comparison of Uncertainties of Ion Chromatography Instruments
  SHI Chaoou
  2012,2(3):82-86 [Abstract]  [View PDF]