Volume 3,Issue 1,2013 Table of Contents

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Special Contribution

Development of Microwave Plasma-atomic Emission Spectrometry(B)
  XIN Renxuan
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):1-10 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.20 M)]

Review & Comment

Research Progress and Status of Measuring Techniques of 210Po,210Bi and 210Pb
  WANG Yuxue,GUO Dongfa,WANG Zhe,HUANG Qiuhong,WANG Xue and LI Hongguang
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):11-16,23 [Abstract]  [View PDF(755.73 K)]
Progress of 27Al NMR Studies on Hydroxyl Polyaluminum Solution
  ZHANG Jing,REN Yijin,YONG Xiaojing and SHI Qiuyi
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):17-23 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.17 M)]
New Progress of Atomic Emission Spectroscopy Instrument
  ZHU Shenghui
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):24-29 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.37 M)]

Resources & Environment

Determination of Ammonium Ion in Aminated Poly(maleic anhydride) by Ammoniomagnesium Phosphate Precipitation Method
  ZHANG Xingrong and ZHANG Shufen
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):30-33 [Abstract]  [View PDF(714.11 K)]
Determination of Trace Gold in Geological Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry with Pressurized Sample Decomposition Technique
  ZHANG Yong,WANG Yugong and LIU Jianjun
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):34-37 [Abstract]  [View PDF(891.00 K)]
Determination of Fluorescein Sodium Tracer in Drilling Fluids by Spectrophotography
  LI Boping and GUO Dongfa
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):38-40,46 [Abstract]  [View PDF(939.69 K)]
Determination of Multi-elements in Molybdenum Concentrates by XRF
  LI Xiaoli
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):41-43 [Abstract]  [View PDF(925.58 K)]
Determination of Multiple Elements in Soils from New Industry Zone of Xinle
  JIA Liangliang,YIN Hongyun and ZHANG Jingbin
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):47-49 [Abstract]  [View PDF(937.99 K)]

Metallyrgy & Material

Oscillography Double Potentiometric Titration of Zinc (Ⅱ) Using Modified Platinum Electrode
  QI Tongxi
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):50-53 [Abstract]  [View PDF(980.50 K)]
Determination of Thallium in Zinc Sulfate Solution by Differential Pulse Voltammetry
  WANG Yifei,ZHANG Xu,LV Zhonghua and ZHU Yuping
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):54-56,67 [Abstract]  [View PDF(889.61 K)]
Determination of Phosphorus in Steel by Multicomponent Spectral Fitting-Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
  YI Kehui,DENG Feiyue,WANG Li and ZHU Jie
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):57-60 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.23 M)]
Determination of Si,Mn,Fe,Ti,Al,Cu in Ni-Cr alloy by Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry
  LV Chao,ZENG Hao,WANG Yongming and XIA Qiankun
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):61-64 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.21 M)]
Determination of Bismuth in Bi-Te Slag
  XIE Hui,LAI Xin,HUANG Puying and LI Qin
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):65-67 [Abstract]  [View PDF(764.17 K)]
Determination of Tin Content in Cadmium by Hydride Generation-Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
  TANG Shufang
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):68-70 [Abstract]  [View PDF(700.47 K)]

Food and Chemicals

Quantitative Determination of Mg, Ca, Fe and As in the Wet Refining Process for Manufacturing Phosphoric Acid by ICP-OES
  SUN Lili
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):71-73 [Abstract]  [View PDF(700.12 K)]
Determination of Mereury in Food by Hydride Generation-Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
  AI ming
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):74-76 [Abstract]  [View PDF(773.94 K)]
Determination of Fluorine and Chlorine in Feed Grade Zinc Sulfate with Ion Chromatography
  DAI Dayong
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):77-79 [Abstract]  [View PDF(990.24 K)]


Determination of Nitrite in Blood by Ion Chromatography
  WANG Yong,ZUO Yuexian,SONG Shengli,HUO Zongli and CHAI Jinfeng
  Published 3月 15日, 2013
  2013,3(1):80-82 [Abstract]  [View PDF(780.85 K)]