Volume 8,Issue 4,2018 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Toxic & Hazardous Substances (Column)

Effect of digestion on determination of lead in quinoa by atomic absorption spectrophotometry
  xinlianjun,yangshenghong and liufang
  2018,8(4):1-3 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Reduction and Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions of Lead from Aqueous Solution by Banana peel
  WAN Qiu-yue
  2018,8(4):4-8 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Determination of arsenic in atmospheric fallout by hydride generation - atomic fluorescence spectrometry
  liuzhao,longliang and Yulianling
  2018,8(4):9-12 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Aluminum content in flour products by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (GF-AAS)
  2018,8(4):13-15 [Abstract]  [View PDF]

Resources & Environment

Method to determinate Cation Exchange Capacity of the Soil with Several Centrifugation Ammonium Acetate
  LA Mao-ji,WANG Yu-gong,ZHANG Rong and ZENG Hao-jie
  2018,8(4):16-20 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Application of wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and polycrystalline X-ray diffraction spectrometry identification of imports of copper and copper materials
  2018,8(4):21-25 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Brief analysisSof influence on different ignition loss of the bauxite in X- ray fluorescence spectrum analysis
  LIU Jing,MA Hui-xia,PENG Zhan and BAI Wan-li
  2018,8(4):26-29 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Determination of geochemical samples in the improvement of technology of tungsten and molybdenum by Polarography
  2018,8(4):30-33 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
The easily liberating condition study for sulfide in soil
  2018,8(4):34-38 [Abstract]  [View PDF]

Metallyrgy & Material

Determination of Nonmetallic Elements in High Temperature Alloy by Microwave Plasma Torch Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
  He Miao,Yang Qianqian and Zhao Yingfei
  2018,8(4):39-42 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Determination of Phosphorus in Rare Earth Phosphate Leaching Solution by Spectrophotometry
  yulili,肖飞燕 and wushifeng
  2018,8(4):43-46 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Determination of Silver in Copper Smelting Silver Slag by Automatic Potentiometric Titration Method
  Liu Qiubo
  2018,8(4):47-50 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Study on the determination of gold and silver in gold mud with direct cupellation
  Zhu Zong-bo
  2018,8(4):51-55 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Determination of lead in complex and high bismuth materials by Na2EDTA titration method
  Kong Fanli
  2018,8(4):56-60 [Abstract]  [View PDF]

Food and Chemicals

Discussion on the Stability of Standard Series ofMercury Solution by Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
  Liu Jinglong and Luo Shoujuan
  2018,8(4):61-64 [Abstract]  [View PDF]


Study for Mixture Analysis Based on Reverse Searching and Non-negative Least Squares Using Raman
  Xue Xiaokang,LI Xiao-yu and DING Mao
  2018,8(4):65-70 [Abstract]  [View PDF]