Volume 8,Issue 6,2018 Table of Contents

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Toxic & Hazardous Substances (Column)

A Study on Speciation Analysis of Arsenic in Residues ofJapanese Abandoned Chemical Weapons
  Zhang Rong,Yang Jinxing,Gao Shi,Liu Yongjing,Xu yong and Zhang ligong
  2018,8(6):1-4 [Abstract]  [View PDF(923.87 K)]
Effect of acid catching on determination of As in grain by microwave digestion-hydride generation-atomic fluorescence
  Duan Xu,Han Zhangxiong?,Bai Xinyue,Dong Yani and Liu Long
  2018,8(6):5-8 [Abstract]  [View PDF(761.98 K)]
ICP-AES Determination of Toxic Elements As, Cd, Cr, Pb, Sb in Southern Red Agate
  DENGchuandong,sunlin,AN shenping,ZHAO feng and PU chenchen
  2018,8(6):9-13 [Abstract]  [View PDF(851.11 K)]
Determination of arsenic in cyanide samples by distillation separation-inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry.
  2018,8(6):14-17 [Abstract]  [View PDF(641.14 K)]
Determination of Nitrate and Nitrite in Ham by Ion Chromatography
  2018,8(6):18-20 [Abstract]  [View PDF(822.22 K)]
Determination of stibium in H-ZF types Optical glasses by ICP-AES
  Yang Bin,Hu Xiangping,He rong,Wu Lifan and Wang deguo
  2018,8(6):21-24 [Abstract]  [View PDF(960.00 K)]

Resources & Environment

Optimization of method for determination of total sulfur in soil by high temperature combustion iodine method
  MA Yi-jia,LUO Bing-hong and TAN Kai-xin
  2018,8(6):25-28 [Abstract]  [View PDF(844.73 K)]
The Study of Determination Method of Pb,Sn,Mo,Cu,Ag and Zn in Geochemical Exploration Samples by CCD-1 Plane Grating Electric Arc Direct Reading Emission Spectrometer
  liyajing,lishijie,tangxiuting and tanjie
  2018,8(6):29-35 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.44 M)]
Determination of calcium, magnesium, iron and copper in industrial boiler water by Microwave Digestion-Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
  YU Ji-fang,CHEN Su-ying,GUO Wen-jie,LI Yao-guo and WANG Chang-cai
  2018,8(6):36-41 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.22 M)]
Rapid Determination of Major and Minor Components in LimestoneSample by X Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
  MA Jing Zhi
  2018,8(6):42-45 [Abstract]  [View PDF(937.72 K)]
Determination of rubidium oxide in high content rubidium ores by fusion method of X fluorescence spectrometry
  Tao Li ping,shihua and zhaoyuquan
  2018,8(6):46-49 [Abstract]  [View PDF(755.32 K)]
Determination of Total Chromium by Ammonium Ferrous Sulfate Titration
  LI Dan
  2018,8(6):50-54 [Abstract]  [View PDF(772.09 K)]

Metallyrgy & Material

Determination of Lanthanum , Cerium in Copper–steel clad plates for bearings by Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy
  NIE Xiaoming,HE Xiaohu,HU Yongmei and WEI Li
  2018,8(6):55-57 [Abstract]  [View PDF(750.88 K)]
Determination of scandium gallium chromium nickel cobalt in the blast furnace slag of vanadium titanium magnetite by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
  Mei Yi
  2018,8(6):58-63 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.59 M)]
Comparative study on factors influencing the stability of ultra-low carbon content in steel by infrared absorption method
  Wang Binguo,Zhang Gaimei,Zhao Jing and Shang Ying
  2018,8(6):64-67 [Abstract]  [View PDF(747.37 K)]


Preparation of TiO2 nanorods and its antibacterial property
  Zhang Jiaming,Zhang Hongguang,Wu Rui,Xia Baobao and Liang Yiming
  2018,8(6):68-70 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.07 M)]