Volume 9,Issue 5,2019 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Toxic & Hazardous Substances (Column)

Determination of chromium Cr(Ⅵ) in solid waste leachate and digester by inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry
  Wang Yu-gong,LIU Jingjing and YU Zhifeng
  2019,9(5):1-4 [Abstract]  [View PDF(614.87 K)]
Determination of 3 heavy metals in silver-tin solder by different pretreatment methods
  WAN FENG,luchq and sun kan
  2019,9(5):5-8 [Abstract]  [View PDF(511.03 K)]
Determination of heavy metals in fly ash of waste incineration by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
  zhanggengyu,xinghui and WU Chao
  2019,9(5):9-14 [Abstract]  [View PDF(802.32 K)]
Determination of arsenic and lead in dust ash by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry with fusion sample preparation technique
  Jiahui Fan,ZHOU Lili and ZHU Chunyao
  2019,9(5):15-18 [Abstract]  [View PDF(510.29 K)]

Review & Comment

Monitoring Technology of Environmental Solid Waste and Its Application
  YIN Wei and ZHANG Lianxiang
  2019,9(5):19-24 [Abstract]  [View PDF(947.18 K)]

Resources & Environment

Determination of Total Phosphorus Concentration in municipal sewage sludge by Microwave Digestion-Phosphomolybdenum Blue Spectrophotometry
  Li-jun KUAI,Jun Hao,kongxiangke and yangjinsong
  2019,9(5):25-29 [Abstract]  [View PDF(677.06 K)]
Determination of Cobalt Content in Secondary battery wastes
  jiangguofen and fanjuanhui
  2019,9(5):30-33 [Abstract]  [View PDF(528.79 K)]

Metallyrgy & Material

Determination of Vanadium in waste Vanadium Catalystby Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry
  Luo Hai Xia and LIU Chunfeng
  2019,9(5):34-37 [Abstract]  [View PDF(505.13 K)]
Determination of Aluminium in Aluminum Palladium Catalyst by Alkali Separation-EDTA Complexometric Titration
  HAN Xiao
  2019,9(5):38-41 [Abstract]  [View PDF(520.14 K)]
Determination of Bismuth in Copper Smelting Dust by Na2EDTA Titration
  huhuamiao,CHEN Yatao and ZHENG Hongyi
  2019,9(5):42-48 [Abstract]  [View PDF(968.11 K)]
Determination of gold content in copper anode mud by inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry
  LONG-Haizhen,KONG-Huimin,YUE-Ping,WANG-Jingfeng and HUANG-Hong
  2019,9(5):49-51 [Abstract]  [View PDF(428.12 K)]
Determination of gold and silver in silver selenium residue by roasting and removing selenium-fire assaying method
  Lv Guang-ying,Wu Shou-zhong,Wan Shuang and Li Xianhe
  2019,9(5):52-55 [Abstract]  [View PDF(529.04 K)]
Determination of Copper in Cu Smelting Dust by Iodine Method
  Kong Fanli,YUAN Mengmei,YANG Xin and HUA Hongquan
  2019,9(5):56-62 [Abstract]  [View PDF(978.74 K)]
Determination of Gold and Silver in silver separating residue from lead smelting by Fire Assay
  WANG Hao-ying and LIU Qiubo
  2019,9(5):63-66 [Abstract]  [View PDF(507.51 K)]
Determination of Bismuth in Copper Smelting Dust by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
  liyanping,LIU Min,ZHANG Hao and CAOYuandong
  2019,9(5):67-71 [Abstract]  [View PDF(604.47 K)]


Development of CRMsfor Chemical Composition of Red Mud
  zhaolin,zhangyuanke and zhangshuchao
  2019,9(5):72-77 [Abstract]  [View PDF(752.17 K)]
Review on analysis and quality control of copper in copper smelting materials
  Hu junkai,Yu li and Shi xiaoying
  2019,9(5):78-82 [Abstract]  [View PDF(814.32 K)]