Determination of trace anions in complex matrix by single-pump column-switching ion chromatography
Received:December 03, 2010  Revised:December 28, 2010
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KeyWord:column-switching; ion chromatography; trace anions; complex matrix
ZHONG Yingying 1 浙江大学理学院化学系,杭州; 2 宁波市出入境检验检疫局,宁波
ZHU Haibao 浙江大学理学院化学系,杭州
QIU Yajun 宁波市出入境检验检疫局,宁波
ZHU Yan 浙江大学理学院化学系,杭州
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      In this study, trace anions in complex matrix of high concentration were determined using ion chromatography with single-pump column-switching technique. Various types of matrix treatments were investigated. Trace ions in multiple sample matrix were analyzed using both commercial ion exclusion columns and home-made polymer-based columns. In the meantime, a simplified single-pump-column-switching system has been developed. In this system, a suppressor is used to convert KOH eluent into water, which is used as the eluent for the pretreatment column. Therefore, in same chromatography system, two kinds of eluents can be produced, which allows chromatographic separation and pretreatment column regeneration processes to proceed simultaneously. In this research, ion exclusion columns were used as the pretreatment columns to analyze three ordinary anions in the organic acids and their salts. The detection limits were tested as in the range of 0.1~1.7 mg/L, RSDs were less than 5%, and the recoveries were in the range of 75.2%~114.6%. In addition, by using the home-made polymer column in the same chromatography system, seven ordinary trace anions in multiple sample matrix were determined simultaneously. The detection limits were about 0.4~2.3 mg/L, RSDs were less than 4% and the recoveries were about 88.1%~109.5%. In conclusion, this column-switching technique is simple to use and with high accuracy, thus,is very useful for on-line sample pretreatment.