Brief analysisSof influence on different ignition loss of the bauxite in X- ray fluorescence spectrum analysis
Received:March 08, 2018  Revised:March 27, 2018
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KeyWord:bauxite; loss on ignition; melted with lithium borate; X- ray fluorescence spectrum analysis.
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      The influence of different ignition loss of diaspore and gibbsite on the X- ray fluorescence spectrum analysis has been discussed in this paper. The experiment was executed to study the ignition loss of bauxite in the process of melted with lithium borate; the effect of ignition loss on the measurement results was analyzed by theoretical calculation. The experimental and theoretical analysis showed that: The measurement results of components would be higher when a curve which was established by diaspore that used to measured the sample of gibbsxite; the difference of burning loss had a great influence on the measurement dates of the main elements, but it had little influence on the results of trace elements; The greater measurement deviation would be achieved when the biggest difference appeared between the loss of the measured samples and the reference samples.