Determinating High-content Silicon in Aluminium Alloy by ICP-AES
Received:December 12, 2018  Revised:December 26, 2018
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HAN Chao 安徽国家铜铅锌及制品质量监督检验中心
SUN Guojuan 安徽国家铜铅锌及制品质量监督检验中心
SUN Haixia 安徽三联学院 计算机工程学院
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      It uses mixed acid to directly digest the samples, without separating residual silicon. It directly dissolves the residuals into the solution, uses inductively coupled plasma - atom emission spectrum (ICP-AES) to determinate the high content silicon in aluminum alloys. It employs matrix match method to prepare standard solution series. The deviation of test result to the standard is within 0.3%, with recovery rate within 95~105%. The method simplifies the treatment of samples. It is applicable to rapidly and efficiently determinate high content silicon in aluminum alloys.