Quantitative determination of carbon substitution in heavily doped silicon by glow discharge mass spectrometry
Received:July 03, 2020  Revised:July 15, 2020
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KeyWord:glow;discharge mass;spectrometry The;substitution carbon;relative sensitivity;factor
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      The substitution carbon content in monocrystalline silicon was determined by glow discharge mass spectrometry. The optimum discharge parameters were obtained by optimizing the working conditions of the instrument. The C content in four single crystal silicon wafers was evaluated by low temperature Fourier transform infrared spectrometer. The ion beam ratio and content of C and Si measured by glow discharge mass spectrometer were used as the working curve, and the accurate relative sensitivity factor was calculated to be 1.19. Under the optimized working conditions, the unknown sample was measured by glow discharge mass spectrometry, and the RSFcal was used to calculate the quantitative analysis results of the substituted carbon in monocrystalline silicon. Compared with the results of SIMS, the relative error was 3.7%, and the consistency was good.