Determination of Major and Minor Components in Limestone and Dolomite by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
Received:November 12, 2020  Revised:November 25, 2020
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KeyWord:X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry; Major and Minor Components; Limestone; Dolomite.
ZhanYaNan 河南省有色金属地质勘查总院
WANG Xiaoqiang 河南省有色金属地质勘查总院
YU Wenli 河南有色金属地质矿产局第七地质大队
DU Tianjun 河南省有色金属地质勘查总院
YANG Huiling 河南省有色金属地质勘查总院
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      A rapid analytical method to determine the contents of CaO,MgO,Al2O3,SiO2,Fe2O3,TiO2,K2O,Na2O,MnO,P2O5 in Limestone and Dolomite was developed by XRF. Under the selected experimental conditions,we got content of different components from the curve by determining the fluorescence intensity using working curve plotted by national standard samples . The spectal line overlap interference and matrix effect were correctrd by the integrated regression equation of calibration curve and matrix correction. The experimental results showed that the detection limits of each element ranged from 80μg/g to 280μg/g.The components in certified reference material and samples were determined by the proposed method.The results are in good agreement with the current standard values. The relative error(RE) was less than 10% and the relative standard deviation(RSD,n=12) was less than 5%. The method has good accuracy and precision, and can meet the need of fast analysis.