REN Mengyang
Received:November 14, 2020  Revised:November 24, 2020
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KeyWord:Ammonium hydrogen fluoride; digestion; inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry; lithium; rubidium; cesium
renmengyang 长春科技学院
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      A method for the determination of lithium, rubidium and cesium in Geochemical Samples by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) after digestion with ammonium hydrogen fluoride was established. The method was verified by the national standard reference material of soil and stream sediment. The detection limits of lithium, rubidium and cesium were 0.012 μ g / g, 0.038 μ g / g and 0.045 μ g / g, respectively; The accuracy (relative error) of lithium is 2.51% - 4.77%, rubidium is 2.84% - 3.41%, cesium is 4.00% - 7.77%;The precision of lithium is 0.41% - 1.28%, rubidium is 0.32% - 0.94%, cesium is 1.28% - 2.54%.The quality requirements of geochemical sample analysis and testing can be met. Moreover, the volatilization loss of rubidium and cesium in the sample digestion process is effectively avoided. The method has the advantages of simple operation, low test cost and high analysis efficiency, which is suitable for the analysis and test of batch samples.