High Efficiency Determination Method of 13 ElementsSuch as Phosphorus, Vanadium, Chromium, Nickel, Selenium in Regional Geochemical Samples
Received:December 09, 2020  Revised:December 24, 2020
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KeyWord:Regional geochemical samples, Determination of multiple elements, Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry ,Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry , Atomic fluorescence spectrometry
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      Abstract: In this paper, using three kinds of mixed acid such as nitric acid hydrofluoric acid perchloric acid digestion, two after dissolved with aqua regia hydrochloric acid extraction, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (icp-ms) determination of cobalt and copper molybdenum lead, cadmium, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer (icp-aes) and engage the determination of phosphorus vanadium chromium potassium zinc nickel manganese, atomic fluorescence emission spectrometer (AFS) determination of selenium, finally realizes the regional geochemical samples of 13 elements such as phosphorus vanadium chromium in the accurate determination of effective combination. Under selected experimental conditions, the detection limits of each element were as follows: phosphorus 8.42μg·g-1,?vanadium 2.55μg·g-1,?chromium 2.00μg·g-1, nickel 0.50μg·g-1, zinc 2.00μg·g-1, potassium oxide 0.05μg·g-1, manganese 8.00μg·g-1, cobalt 0.20μg·g-1, cuprum 0.80μg·g-1, molybdenum 0.10μg·g-1, cadmium 0.01μg·g-1, plumbum 1.70μg·g-1, selenium 0.01μg·g-1. The accuracy were: phosphorus 0.000~0.011,?vanadium 0.001~0.002,?chromium 0.001~0.002, nickel 0.005~0.012, zinc -0.008~0.009, potassium oxide -0.001~0.005, manganese 0.003~0.006, cobalt 0.005~0.008, cuprum 0.001~0.006, molybdenum -0.003~0.002, cadmium 0.002~0.020, plumbum 0.003~0.007, selenium -0.003~0.008. The precision of each element were:phosphorus 1.11%~2.95%,?vanadium 1.91%~2.52%,?chromium 1.02%~3.41%, nickel 1.89%~5.56%, zinc 1.37%~3.05%, potassium oxide 1.99%~2.72%, manganese 0.51%~1.98%, cobalt 3.01~3.28%, cuprum 2.31%~2.77%, molybdenum 2.01%~7.20%, cadmium 5.81%~7.76%, plumbum 2.01%~3.65%, selenium 3.98%~7.43%. The detection limit, accuracy and precision meet or exceed all According to the requirements of the multi-objective regional geochemical survey specification (1:250000), this method has the advantages of simple operation, low detection limit, wide linear range, high accuracy, high precision and so on. In particular, it has the advantages of high collaborative efficiency and great saving of hydroelectroreagents. It is suitable for widely spread and application in laboratory.