Determination of Ruthenium in Ruthenium Nitrosyl Nitrate Solutionby Hydrogen Reduction Gravimetric Method
Received:December 17, 2020  Revised:December 23, 2020
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KeyWord:ruthenium nitrosyl nitrate; hydrogen reduction gravimetric method; ruthenium content
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      Using hydrochloric acid pretreatment samples, after drying was purified by hydrogen reduction, the determination of ruthenium in ruthenium nitrosyl nitrate solution by hydrogen reduction gravimetric method was established. Under the optimized conditions, the ruthenium content of 5%~11% was determined. The results showed that the ranges were 0.11%,0.16% and the relative standard deviations(RSD, n=7)was 0.66%, 0.52%,respectively. Compared with other analysis methods, the accuracy and precision of this method are better.