Determination of gold in placer gold by fire assay gravimetric method combined with AAS wet method
Received:December 21, 2020  Revised:January 10, 2021
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KeyWord:Silicic;acid degree, Fire;assay, Secondary;correction, Three;correction, Gold;separation solution, Precision
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      The content of silicon dioxide and gold in placer gold is high. In this paper, the gold content in placer gold is determined by the combination of traditional fire assay gravimetric method and AAS wet method to obtain more accurate results. In this paper, by using scientific method of proportioning, the silicic acid degree of slag can be adjusted to obtain better quality slag and lead button. Then, the gold dispersed in the slag is collected by secondary correction, and then the residual gold content in the ash dish is collected for three times. Then, the gold content in the gold and silver composite particles and gold separation solution obtained by the three times of correction is determined by atomic absorption spectrometry AAS, so as to obtain more accurate results. This method is easy to operate, wide applicability, high precision and accuracy. The recovery of gold is 99.2% - 100.3%, and the relative standard deviation (RSD) of gold is between 0.24% - 0.6%.