Discussion on the condition of measuring sulfur by Barium sulfate gravimetric method
Received:January 07, 2021  Revised:January 14, 2021
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KeyWord:barium sulfate gravimetric method;Flux dosage;Barium chloride concentration ;precipitation temperature;holding time
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      The sulfur content in iron ores is an important index to measure the metallurgical properties of steel. The determination of sulfur is of great significance. Measuring sulfur by barium sulfate gravimetric method were carried out according to GB/T 6730.16-2016, The flux dosage、barium chloride concentration, and the time and the temperature during precipitation that affect the determination of sulfur in iron ores was discussed in this paper,and the optimum experimental conditions were obtained. The results show that 2.0000 g standard iron ore (containing 0.036 % sulfur ) , the recovery rate of sulfur is 99.9 % when flux is 14g and 16g, and 99.90 % when barium chloride concentration is 100 g/L.When the precipitation temperature is 60 °C and the holding time is 2 h, the crystal precipitates are large and easy to be filtered and washed. The relative error is -3.3 % and the relative standard deviation is 1.29 %, the method has high accuracy and high precision.