Cu2+ Sensor Based on RGO @DNA Modified Electrode
Received:January 07, 2021  Revised:January 11, 2021
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KeyWord:Copper ion Reduced graphene oxide DNA;
Zhang Ziqiang 宿州学院化学化工学院
Wu Zhenling 宿州学院化学化工学院
Zhou Xinyu 宿州学院化学化工学院
Zhou Peilan 宿州学院化学化工学院
zhang Na 宿州学院化学化工学院
Zhang Keying 宿州学院化学化工学院
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      In this paper, a RGO @DNA modified electrode was prepared by drop coating method, and two electrochemical methods, cyclic voltammetry (CV) and differential pulsed voltammetry (DPV), were used to explore the electrocatalytic activity of RGO @DNA modified electrode to Cu2+ and the relationship between the peak oxidation current and the concentration of Cu2+. The results showed that DNA and the modified electrode of RGO had excellent electrocatalytic activity on Cu2+ and could detect Cu2+ in solution sensitively. The linear equation of the instantaneous current response signal with the concentration of Cu2+ was i(μA)= -2.0988-0.5385c(10-5mol/L), the linear correlation coefficient R=0.996, and the minimum detection limit was 1×10-8mol/L. And the modified electrode has good reproducibility and stability.