High content of mercury in copper concentrate was determined by closed microwave digestion -mercury analysis method
Received:January 28, 2021  Revised:February 02, 2021
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KeyWord:Microwave digestion;Mercury measurement instrument;Copper concentrate;mercury
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      A method for the determination of high mercury content in copper concentrate by microwave digestion-mercury-measuring instrument was established.The pretreatment of copper concentrate samples with microwave digestion in a closed environment can not only ensure the complete dissolution of the samples, but also effectively avoid the loss of volatile element mercury to the dissolved samples at high temperature.In the test solution of copper concentrate will be moved to take for the quartz boat, oxygen in the atmosphere, the test solution in the decomposition furnace drying and high temperature pyrolysis, reduction of mercury mercury atom, and then flow into amalgamation by the oxygen tube in response, amalgamation of mercury by selective adsorption, in the 900 ℃ heating release mercury vapor, mercury vapor flow into single wavelength optical absorption by the oxygen pool atomic absorption measurement, the determination results of relative standard deviation was 0.62 ~ 1.95% % (n = 11), the recovery rate is 98.45% ~ 100.45%, The determination range is μg/g~1000μg/g,It can measure copper concentrate with high content of mercury and prolong the service life of the instrument effectively.The method is simple, fast, stable and reproducible. It is suitable for the determination of high mercury content in copper concentrate.