Determination of Amino-value of p-Aminophenol by Automatic Potentiometric Titration
Received:February 08, 2021  Revised:February 18, 2021
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KeyWord:automatic potentiometric titration; p-aminophenol; amino-value
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      An automatic potentiometric titration method for the determination of amino-value of p-aminophenol (PAP) was established. According to the principle of diazotization reaction, the reaction temperature, titration method and the type and concentration of inorganic acid were optimized. The amino-value of the sample was titrated automatically in 30 % hydrobromic acid/hydrochloric acid system at 35 ℃. The difference of automatic titration and manual titration is small, and the recovery rate is between 98.8 % and 101.2 %. Compared with GB/T 21892-2015, this method has the advantages of simple operation, high degree of automation, sharp judgment of titration point, accurate and reliable determination results, and can be used for determination of amino-value of PAP.