<Chinese Journal of Inorganic Analytical Chemistry> (Serial Publication No.: ISSN 2095-1035, CN 11-6005/O6) is an academic journal of inorganic analytical chemistry sponsored by BGRIMM Technology Group. It is the only journal of analytical chemistry in China with the Chinese character ‘zhong’. The aim of the journal is to report the scientific research achievements and work trends of inorganic analytical chemistry, exchange the experience of inorganic analytical chemistry scientific research, serve for the technical popularization and scientific research and production of inorganic analytical chemistry, promote the quality of inorganic analytical chemistry staff, and to promote the development and progress of inorganic analytical chemistry technology industry. It covers toxic and hazardous substances analysis, rock and mineral analysis, metallurgical analysis, material analysis, environmental analysis, chemical analysis, biomedical analysis, food analysis, instrument development, summary reviews, technical exchanges, information windows, etc. Focuses on the advanced analysis methods of mineral products, the analysis and detection of toxic and hazardous substances, food safety issues and other hot issues.