<Chinese Journal of Inorganic Analytical Chemistry>


<Chinese Journal of Inorganic Analytical Chemistry> (Serial Publication No.: ISSN 2095-1035, CN 11-6005/O6) is an academic journal of inorganic analytical chemistry sponsored by BGRIMM Technology Group. It is the only journal of analytical chemistry in China with the Chinese character ‘zhong’. In 2016, it ranked among the TOP10 for highly cited journals of chemistry and TOP10 for highly influential journals in five years. This journal includes toxic and hazardous substances analysis (column), rock and mineral analysis, metallurgical analysis, material analysis, environmental analysis, chemical analysis, biomedical analysis, food analysis, instrument development,  summary reviews, technical exchanges, information windows, etc. Focuses on the advanced analysis methods of mineral products, the analysis and detection of toxic and hazardous substances, food safety issues and other hot issues. The readers of the journal are researchers, engineers, administrators, teachers and students of colleges and universities, relevant companies and enterprises and public institutions engaged in inorganic analytical chemistry and related technologies. This journal is also an essential source of information for related books, intelligence and other departments.


<Chinese Journal of Inorganic Analytical Chemistry> is the core journal of China's chemical and chemical industry in America's ‘CA 1000 species list’, some articles have been included by SCI.  It is the source of USA <Stephens Full-text Database> (EBSCOhost), Japan's Quick Report on Scientific & Technological Literature(CBST,JICST), Japan Science and Technology Agency, Chinese Bibliographic Database(JSTChina), USA<Ulrich's Periodicals Directory>, <Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database><China Core Journal Alternative Database><Chinese scientific citation database>,  China journal network journal, <Chinese academic journal>(CD).


A strong editorial cast (including 9 academicians, 20 professors at well-known universities, 18 researchers in national research institutions)

Major comprehensive universities in China

National libraries

National analysis testing center 

National geological survey and research institute

Large smelters and nonferrous metals companies in China        

 National Pharmaceutical Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

National material quality supervision and inspection center        

National materials research and production units 

National Environmental Protection Agency and Environmental Monitoring Station     

National disease control and prevention center

National food quality supervision and inspection center 

National petrochemical testing agency

<Chinese Journal of Inorganic Analytical Chemistry> is published both at home and abroad, bimonthly, postal code: 80-377(domestic),Q9045(overseas).