1. Registration

Click on the new user registration in the author area, fill in the personal information, and after completing the submission, you will receive an email with a successful registration. Please follow the email prompt to activate the account and log in.


2. Submission

Enter your email and password on the homepage of the website, log in as the author and enter the submission page. Follow the instructions on the page to fill in all information and submit.It is suggested that the author is the corresponding author of the paper for easy contact.


3. Inquire about the current handling of manuscripts

Login system, enter the manuscript query.


4. Revise the manuscript

Regarding the manuscript information, when the editorial department has not carried on any processing to the manuscript, you may also revise the manuscript information at any time in the manuscript inquiry.


Once the manuscript is processed, the manuscript must be revised by the editorial department. When you submit the revised manuscript, please log in to our website directly with the email and password that the author has applied for registration, click the sub-menu of [upload/download revised manuscript] under the menu of [manuscript management], please find the manuscript corresponding to the manuscript number, please download (open) the original text first, and check whether the editorial department has direct notes or modifications; The revised draft or supplementary content can be uploaded back through the [Modify] function.Please do not use the submission function to submit this manuscript, otherwise it will be regarded as a new manuscript, and the existing review results will be invalid.


5. Modify author information

The author information of the article can be modified at any time directly at the manuscript inquiry.


6. Registration fee information

The remittance date of fee for publication and the payment date of contribution fee can be registered in the relevant section of the system.


7. Query article citations

After the manuscript is published, you can visit our website to check the citation of your article.